Saturday, August 06, 2016

How To Look Better Naked: 6 Easy Tips

Written by Shane, Editor of Stonewall Gazette

When you strip away all of your stylish tailored clothes, are you still a confident stud? In the video below Aaron Marino discusses how to look better naked! Marino says,"The majority of us don't have a Greek god bod! We can strategically and systematically make our body look better. Instagram is not reality and not what you should compare yourself to. You need to be the best version of you."

Marino has 6 tips for you to get started on looking better naked:

1. Trim your pubes.
2. Develop a booty - do squats and lunges. You don't want 'old man ass'!
3. Specific body part pruning - shoulders, back, chest, and stomach. Don't shave, wax, or clip. Take it down to get even appearance.
4. Do 100 push-ups and 100 crunches per day - muscles will be activated and changed. You can break them up into sets.
5. Stay hydrated.
6. Lose 5 pounds - taking care of yourself starts with a small goal.

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Watch Video: How To Look Better Naked - 6 Easy Tips