Monday, December 26, 2016

Xmas Greetings from: Blake Skjellerup, Simon Dunn, Gareth Thomas, Bob Paris & Warwick Rowers

Posted by Shane Smith, Editor, Stonewall Gazette

I hope you enjoy Xmas Greetings from these openly gay athletes: Blake Skjellerup, Simon Dunn, Gareth Thomas, Bob Paris and the gay-friendly, Warwick Rowers.

Kiwi speed skater Blake Skjellerup wants everyone to know there's plenty of room to come play with him on the beach this Christmas.
Retired Rugby star Gareth Thomas is currently playing the Genie in the Venue Cymru's production of Aladdin. With his fine physique he certainly fits the part!

What Holiday presents are the Warwick Rowers hiding from us this year?

Bodybuilding champion and former Mr. Universe, Bob Paris is very festive in his Santa hat.

Message from Reindeer HQ to Olympic short-track speed skater Blake Skjellerup: Your antlers look great dude, BUT does Russell Tovey know about them?.

Aussie Simon Dunn recently retired from Bobsledding and now has a part-time gig as the seaon's hottest Santa.

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