Saturday, December 02, 2017

How Would Gay WW2 Hero Alan Turing Want To Be Remembered?

Written by Shane Smith, Editor of Stonewall Gazette

Alan Turing was not only a computer scientist but also a respected mathematician and is widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. Why is it that so many people don't know who this man is?

I believe that because Turing was a gay man he's been brushed out of history. The truth about Alan Turing's legacy is that he's not celebrated in the same way as other famous inventors such as Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

Turing is the man who stopped the Nazi's from ruling the world. Seriously! He lead the way in cracking coded messages which gave the Allies the upper hand in defeating the Nazis during World War Two. He was a genius. Turing is often painted as a homosexual who loathed himself, a person for whom one should feel pity. Is that an accurate representation of Turing? Is that how he'd want to be remembered?'s n.s.s. jacobs, who has studied Turing closely and has read his writings & biography, writes:
There is no denying it. Alan Mathison Turing, one of the most magnificent beings to grace this planet, was treated most shabbily and we cannot even begin to comprehend the repercussions of his loss.

But that does not mean that he wanted to be remembered as a tragic figure.

Yet time and time again on Twitter, in movies, it is his torture and his end that is given so much prominence.
It's so frustrating as a gay man living in the 21st Century to continually see gay people from recent history being undervalued for their many contributions to society. I love learning about gays in history because it gives me a sense of continuity. We have always been here. I think it's up to us to fight for gay people from the past who don't have a voice. We owe it to them to make sure their accomplishments and their sexuality are remembered.

n.s.s. jacobs shares more thoughts on how Alan Turing would want to be remembered here. It's a good read. Enjoy!

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