Sunday, February 14, 2021

Manufactured Outrage, Lee Mentley Dead at 73, Senate Fails To Convict & MORE!

Senate Votes 57-43 Against Trump, Failing To Convict Him
The U.S. Senate voted 57-43 against Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial. The final tally was 10 votes short of the two-thirds majority required to find Trump guilty. Seven Republicans voted with all 50 Democrats to convict, the most bipartisan support for conviction in any of the four impeachments in U.S. history. 
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Only 7 Senate Republicans Cared About Trump's Guilt
Forty three Republicans chose to pander to the basket of deplorables that comprises the GOP base and even ignored the fact that Trump had endangered their own lies. The cowardice and moral bankruptcy of these forty three spineless individuals will haunt them in the long view of history and confirms that they have no basis to ever lecture anyone on morality or decency. They sent a clear message that attempting overthrow the U.S. government is perfectly fine in their foul and craven view. More.

Trump's Insurrection Follows Long History of Christian Nationalist Violence
Violence perpetrated by Christian nationalists has manifested in two primary ways in recent decades. The first is through their involvement in militia groups; the second is seen in attacks on abortion providers. The catalyst for the growth of militia activity among contemporary Christian nationalists stems from two events: the 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff and the 1993 siege at Waco. More.

We Had A White Supremacist Coup Before, But History Has Buried It 
The 1898 Wilmington insurrection showed “how people could get murdered in the streets and no one held accountable for it.” More.

CEOs Finally Took Action After The Capitol Attack Only Because Democrats Took Power
The capture of government by big business has infuriated average Americans whose paychecks have gone nowhere even as the stock market has soared. More.

Biden Could Curb Right-wing Extremism By Ending The U.S. ‘Forever War'
About 20% of those arrested and charged in connection with the storming of the United States Capitol on January 6 had served in the U.S. military. More.

Singer Ari Gold, Dies At 47

Out artist Ari Gold — the singer perhaps best known for the 2007 Billboard-chart anthem “Where the Music Takes You” feat. Sasha Allen — died on Valentine's Day after a long battle with cancer. He had just celebrated his 47th birthday on the 11th. Very sad news. Read Ari Gold's career highlights and Matt Rettenmund's memories of the singer here.

Editor's Note: Ari Gold was kind and supportive of me and my work. Let's celebrate his life and trailblazing career: Remembering The Late Ari Gold.

Caitlyn Jenner Shuts Down Rumours She's Running For California Governor
Despite rumours that Caitlyn Jenner was considering a run to become the next governor of California, the reality star and former athlete says she has no such plans. “Caitlyn is not running for governor, has never considered running for governor and is very happy doing the work that she is doing to promote LGBT rights and spending time with her 18 grandchildren and 10 children,” Sophia Hutchins, Jenner’s manage. More.

Fox News Manufactured Outrage About Trans Athletes
Right-wing media, especially Fox News have spent years targeting trans athletes in an attempt to skew public opinion against LGBTQ people and push back against nondiscrimination protections for them, including the Equality Act, a comprehensive bill likely to be considered by Congress in the coming weeks. As Fox News manufactured this outrage about trans athletes right-wing media repeated it and earned high engagement on Facebook.This obsessive coverage has made the topic of trans athletes one of the most dominant narratives about trans issues online. More.

Gay Republican Richard Grenell Lays Groundwork For California Gubernatorial Run
Richard Grenell, a fierce ally of former President Donald Trump and a fixture in MAGA politics, is interviewing campaign strategists and laying groundwork for a potential run for California governor if the bid to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom goes forward, according to a Republican strategist who has spoken with Grenell about his plans. The strategist said Grenell, the former ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, told him he plans to announce his campaign once the recall effort qualifies for the ballot, as appears increasingly likely. More.

Full-time Student: Juggling OnlyFans While Pursuing A Degree

John Doe graduated from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in May 2020. Once Doe became a student at SAIC and a resident assistant for his dorm, he found himself in need of money. Doe began working at a gay strip club, but due to the pandemic, the club was shut down. Doe now works at a gym and posts content on his OnlyFans account. He said he is not seeing clients because of the pandemic but misses performing at the strip club. “Sex workers need protection, especially Black trans sex workers,” Doe said. “They are the least protected out of all the sex workers. People should just be aware of that.” More.

Legislator Compares Transgender People To Farm Animals
Arizona's Republican state Rep. John Fillmore made the comment when he introduced a bill that would ban nonbinary gender markers on state IDs. He's now facing an ethics complaint after he compared transgender people to farm animals at a committee hearing. More.

LGBTQ Activists Join Protests Against Military Coup 

LGBTQ activists in Myanmar have joined the growing protest movement against the Feb. 1 coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi and her democratically elected government. Min Khant Zin, a drag queen who works at a gay bar in Yangon, the country’s largest city, told the Blade that he and his friends received a lot of media attention after they decided to participate in the protests while in drag. Khant Zin, who identifies as queer, added this decision was deliberate. More.

Best Hotels For Gay Staycation In The USA
The rise of COVID-19 changed everything and brought most of the world travel industry to a screeching halt. This pandemic will change the way we live for years to come. The travel industry is expecting a rise in staycations, especially in the USA. There are so many excellent hotels and destinations to choose for a staycation in the USA. Tour operators have been catering to a huge domestic audience for a long time. Here are some of our favourites. More.

Some Queer Kids Are Actually Thriving In Online School

The social dynamics of a classroom or the playground can be brutal. Society is slowly more accepting of marginalized folks, but queer students and students of color are under constant threat, if not attack. Intentional bullying and implicit biases harm students who don’t fit into a heteronormative society that still favors white and able-bodied people. For some kids, the ability to learn from home decreases or eliminates bullying and microaggressions. Students who are bullied suffer academically, so when kids don’t have that anxiety or pressure to fit in, they tend to get better grades and enjoy school. More.

Why Do Some Straight Women Seem To Trust Gay Men More Than Other Women?
Women appear to trust the opinions of gay men relatively more, trust sales associates more when they are gay men, and in fact, women who have gay male friends are more likely to have higher levels of self-esteem about their bodies. This isn’t merely a Western “Queer Eye for the Straight Gal” phenomenon either. In China, many women now seek out relationships with gay men, confidantes whom they call “gaymi.” More.


Lee Mentley, Gay Activist Who Facilitated Creation of the Rainbow Flag, Dead At 72

It was through the Gay Community Cente that he founded with other activists that Mentley truly found his historic calling. He opened the Top Floor Gallery where artists could work, showcase their work and share theories and stories. It was there where he facilitated the creation of the Rainbow Flag in 1978 as a project of the executive committee for the Pride Foundation. “I can confidently write as an LGBTQ historian that Lee Mentley facilitated the rainbow flag, which represents LGBTQ people all around the world,” Bernadicou wrote in an email to the Bay Area Reporter, adding that “he was involved in the big picture organization, securing money, etc,” that enabled the Flag to be created and flown during Gay Freedom Day in San Francisco. More.

Four "LGBT workers” Sent To Jail Over Artwork Controversy
Four people have been formally arrested in Istanbul, Turkey, for displaying controversial artwork during the protest against a rector appointed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a university. The protest, which began at Istanbul’s most prestigious university, intensified when some students put up posters outside the office of the new rector depicting Islam’s holiest site with the LGBTQ flag. More.

Homophobia And Low Intelligence Are Linked
The findings, published by researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia, supports existing studies that have previously drawn correlations between having a low IQ and holding prejudiced views. More.

Jonathan Van Ness Wants an End to HIV Stigma 
The ‘Queer Eye’ star has been battling the virus – which damages the cells within the immune system – since he was 25. More.

Gay Couple in 'Mortal Danger' After Arrest in Russia
Two gay men reportedly forcibly returned from Russia to their native Chechnya were taken to the local security services and are in "mortal danger", a campaign group has warned. More.

Pioneering AIDS Researcher Joseph Sonnabend Dies at 88
In 1978, oseph Sonnabend volunteered at the Gay Men’s Health Project in Sheridan Square, Greenwich Village, New York City and started a private clinic for treating sexually transmitted infections. When gay men in his practice began to get sick, he was among the first clinicians in the U.S. to recognize the emerging AIDS epidemic. Sonnabend was widely respected as an unusually compassionate clinician and researcher, willing to see any patient regardless of ability to pay, never giving up on a patient and always providing hope. In return, he earned an unusually devoted appreciation and admiration from his patients. More.