Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Naked Bits, Charlie Carver, Queer Time Traveler, Elliot Page, Secret Gay History, River Gallo, Anti-Vaccine Protests & MORE!

Elliot Page Describes His Decision to Come Out as Transgender in New Time Magazine Cover Story

The Secret Gay History of the World Trade Center

“Former Homosexual” Kicked Off Vimeo

TV Host Sharon Osbourne Accused of Using Racist, Anti-Gay Slurs She Has ‘Spoken Abusively For Years’

Diverse Oscar Slate Lacking Queer Nominees

Wisconsin Republicans Move to Protect Conversion Therapy

Naked Bits, a Collection of Adult Puzzles That Appreciate Nudity

Elton John Criticizes the Vatican for "Hypocrisy" Over Same-Sex Marriage

When Psychiatry and the Media Colluded Against the Gays in the 1960s

How Indonesia's LGBTQ Communities are Using Social Media to Break Down Barriers

VIDEO: Liza Minnelli Celebrates Her 75th Birthday, Performing Ella Fitzgerald's 'Embraceable You'

Montana Man Gets Cited for Harassing Gay Neighbor Over Anti-Trump Flag

Out Actor Charlie Carver Talks LGBTQ Representation On-Screen, The Boys in the Band and the Value of Telling Stories Through Film

A Number of Anti-Vaccine Protests Planned Globally for Thursday Appear to be Heavily Linked to QAnon Movement

'Shooting Midnight Cowboy' a Masterful Film History of the X-rated Oscar Winner

Virginia Gov Restores Voting Rights for Those Who Serve Their Prison Sentences

Many LGBTQ Teens Find Community Through Gender-Sexuality Alliance Clubs, or GSA Clubs. But The Pandemic Has Made Them Largely Inaccessible

To All of the ‘Why Do We Have To Label Everything?’ Commenters

The Queer Time Traveler's Vacation Guide

TV Shows About the LGBTQ Community are Stronger When They Embrace the Messiness of Queer Experiences and Reject 'Safe' Hetereonormative Narratives

Let’s Talk About Queerbaiting. This Media Trope is Harmful and Diminishing to the Queer Community

Actor River Gallo: “I just want people to be turned on and be like ‘oh I can fancy you!’”

LGBTQ Movie Review: ‘Moffie’
"Amongst the grueling training, the film gestures towards a homoeroticism that arises from these men living in such camaraderie with each other, a shirtless and sweaty volleyball match being the most overt example, along with a collective skinny-dip during a lull in the action"
Related: "Moffie" Nominated for BAFTA - Outstanding Debut By A British Writer, Director or Producer Watch Trailer

Out Norwegian Singer girl in red Didn’t Have any Gay Artists She Could Look up to Growing Up, So She Became One

WATCH: "We Fell in Love in October" - girl in red

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