Thursday, March 25, 2021

Bucky’s Bisexuality, Alan Turing, Gay Gymnast, Parker Matthews, RIP Jessica Walter, Maulik Pancholy, Kristen Stewart, World's Strongest Gay & MORE!

People Protest in Support of Gay Man Fighting to Take His Twins Home. The babies were born in South Africa last week and are unable to travel to Namibia. Phillip Luhl says his daughters are stateless after the Namibian authorities refused to issue emergency travel papers. He says the South African birth certificate recognizes him and his Mexican husband (Guillermo Delgado) as the twins’ parents, not the surrogate mother. Namibia does not allow same-sex marriage. Activists have decried the government’s stance saying it is discriminatory and undermines equality especially for members of the LGBTQ community.

Out Singer Parker Matthews Serves Some 80s Edge in New Music Video

Beloved Emmy Award-Winning Actress Jessica Walter Dies at 80

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Compares Asian-American Senator to the KKK in Unhinged Rant

Chechnya Detains 20 Relatives of Gay Brothers Captured After Fleeing the Country’s Homophobic Regime

Gather Around Site of Torched Long Beach Lifeguard Tower in Support Of LGBTQ+ Community 

Former VP Mike Pence Expands His Post-White House Embrace of Anti-LGBTQ Organizations with Visit to Franklin Graham’s Ministry

Shock to No One: Colorado Shooter Posted Anti-LGBTQ Comments to Social Media

At 74, Sir Elton John is Giving Harry Styles a Run for His Money 
Can you feel the love today? We’re unpacking our feather boas, sequined jumpsuits, and our January 1998 cover feature starring Sir Elton John on the occasion of his 74th birthday.

Book Review: The Best at It
- The Debut Novel by Award-Winning Actor Maulik Pancholy. This delightful novel is the story of Rahul Kapoor, an awkward 12 year old Indian American gay middle grade boy coming into his own in a small town in Indiana. One of Time Out‘s “LGBTQ+ books for kids to read during Pride Month,” The Best at It has also garnered a coveted Stonewall Honor from the American Library Association. Maulik Pancholy, based in Brooklyn, New York, has a career spanning hit television shows (30 Rock, Whitney), animated favorites (Phineas and Ferb, Sanjay and Craig), the Broadway stage, and films. He also served on President Barack Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and is the co-founder of the anti-bullying campaign Act to Change. As an LGBTQ kid, Pancholy never saw himself in the books he read. And so, while it’s a work of fiction, this is also a deeply personal book that reflects his own struggles, coming to terms with his LGBTQ identity, and the joy of discovering how to be the best at being oneself.

Gay Meteorologist Advocates for Change to FDA Blood Donation Policy Impacting LGBTQ Community

Can The Laws of Physics Disprove God?

NYC: COVID Vaccination Site For Broadway Industry Workers Announced 

Interview with Hairy Homosexual Horror Host Stan the Mechanic 
Stan the Mechanic was created by actor, writer, and comedian John A. Hernandez. A proud New Yorker of Puerto Rican/Italian heritage, Hernandez is an out-and-proud gay man who identifies as a member of the bear community.

Bank Of England
Reveals New Alan Turing £50 Note 
Commonly referred to as the father of computer science, Alan Turing was a brilliant mind that paved the way for computers as we know them. With a team of code-breakers at Bletchley Park, England, Turing broke the infamous Enigma code used by the Nazis in WWII. Turing employed an advanced machine akin to a modern computer and invented the idea of a "Universal Machine" that could perform instructions and run programs. His work was integral in founding the field of computer science, alongside being one of the key contributors to Artificial Intelligence with the creation of the Turing Test. Despite his incredible feats, Alan Turing was considered guilty of one thing – he was homosexual.

State Seeks Public Input for Williamsburg’s Marsha P. Johnson Park After Outcry

Britain’s Royal Family is An Accident Waiting To Happen - Prince Charles Should Dismantle It

Jaw-Dropping Fossil Find Contains a Dinosaur Sitting on an Entire Clutch of Eggs

Actress Kelly Marie Tran Talks Retreating From The Public Eye After ‘Star Wars’ Bullying

Gay College Gymnast
Came Out with Confidence and Assist from Teammates. "My teammates lifted me up, gave me space to figure it out and celebrated me above all."

New Olympia Dukakis Documentary Offers an Uncensored Look at the Life of a Legend

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Hints at Bucky’s Bisexuality 
In the new TV miniseries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) mentions seeing a lot of tiger pictures on a dating app, which hints at his bisexuality. Trivia: at one time tiger pics were used by men on Tinder but due to the unethical treatment of the animal Tinder cracked down on the use of tigers as images to swipe.

During Covid-19, This Gay Out-Of-Work Airline Employee is Biking Across North America for LGBTQ Youth

First Look:
The Second Image of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. The BAFTA-winning actress is starring in Neon's Pablo Larraín-directed Princess Diana biopic Spencer, and although we haven't even seen a trailer yet, new production stills from the set of the film have been circulating online. The first image was Stewart as Diana in a red coat pensively looking out a window.

Watch Strongman Rob Kearney Attempt Mat Fraser’s 500-Meter Rowing Challenge. It didn't end well for the "World's Strongest Gay". It’s easy to underestimate just how challenging the 500-meter row can be, says Men’s Health fitness director and certified personal trainer Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. "The 500 is vicious because it’s a blend of explosive power and cardio. Kearney arrives to it with explosive power, so that’s a good start. Like most people, he underestimated the cardiovascular aspect of the event," Samuel says.

WATCH:  The challenge begins at the 10 minute mark.

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