Thursday, March 18, 2021

Glenn Burke, Dr. Rachel Levine, Jack Kerouac, Senate Hearing, John Wieners, Cara Delevingne, Mark McKnight, Trans Teen Blinded, Jon Carmichael & MORE!

Glenn Burke

‘Singled Out’ Shines in Depicting Glenn Burke’s Heroism Without Sugarcoating His Tragic End Andrew Maraniss’s new biography places Glenn Burke in his proper trailblazing context and shows how 1970s-era baseball conspired against him.

U.S. Senate Committee Votes to Move Forward Dr. Rachel Levine’s Nomination for Assistant Secretary for Health

Our Queer Institutions Must Survive the Pandemic

LGBTQ History
Celebrating Birthdays This Week: Jack Kerouac the Bisexual King of the Beat Generation

Behind Her Eyes

Recent Episode of Netflix TV Series Behind Her Eyes Problematic Towards the LGBTQ community, Women and Minorities

Fears Over Women’s Safety Made Wedge Issue in Equality Act Hearing

Out Singer Laura Pausini Reacts to Her Oscar Nomination: 'I Still Don't Believe It'

After Years of Discrimination, Many LGBTQ People Are 'Terrified' of Going Into Senior Care Facilities

White Supremacist Propaganda in U.S. Hit Record in 2020 
"The barrage of propaganda, which overwhelmingly features veiled white supremacist language with a patriotic slant, is an effort to normalize white supremacists' message and bolster recruitment efforts while targeting minority groups including Jews, Blacks, Muslims, non-white immigrants, and the LGBTQ community."

Aiden Thomas

Q&A: Aiden Thomas, Queer Author of ‘Lost In The Never Woods’

Pharmacist Takes Extra COVID Vaccine To LGBTQ Seniors

Sharon Osbourne Claims She Was ‘Set Up’ By CBS Execs

Senate Hearing Showcases Deep Partisan Divide Over LGBTQ Legislation

Trans Teen Reportedly Blinded By Acid Attack, Covered in Burns

Gay Texas High School Athlete Comes Out to Team and Starts a Gay Straight Alliance

Actress-Model Cara Delevingne Says She was Homophobic and Suicidal Before Coming Out

South Carolina Lawmakers Add Back Protections for Gay and Transgender People to Hate Crime Bill Five Days After Removing Them

South Carolina: Lawmakers voted to take out a few classifications in the bill, including sexual orientation and gender

Out Singer Daya Isn't Holding Anything Back

Mark McKnight Photograph

Mark McKnight Photographs Hardcore Vistas The artist presents eight large-format, black and white photographs depicting gay sexuality and scenes from nature.

Grammy Award-Winner and Out Singer Brandi Carlile on Raising Two Daughters with Wife Catherine Shepherd

Astrophotographer Jon Carmichael May Become First Out Gay Man in Space

Everything We Know About Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale Starring Brendan Fraser as a 600-Pound Gay Man

The Altered States of Gay Poet John Wieners In his letters we can glimpse a radiant, jazz-struck testament to the vocation of poetry.

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