Tuesday, March 02, 2021

He Didn't Want Me

Kisos - He Didn't Want Me

I was deeply moved the first time I heard the song "He Didn't Want Me" by Kisos. I confess I was a bit surprised at my emotional reaction by the time he sings:
I forced something that wasn’t there
Ignored the signs you didn’t care
Cuz when you kissed me I believed it
Until you met me at the park
Looked in my eyes blew out the spark
Admitted that you’d never feel it
When the song ended I was in a puddle of tears. "Cuz when you kissed me I believed it" gets me every time. The power of music can make us happy, sad or both all at once.

Kisos reveals, "He Didn't Want Me is the acceptance stage of grief, and because it's so depressing sonically, I wanted the music video to balance that with an ethereal metamorphosis and ritual of communal love. I hope you feel transformed along with me". 

Enjoy the two music videos below. One is the acoustic version and the other is the official music video. Be sure to visit Kisos website here.

WATCH: Kisos - He Didn't Want Me (Live Acoustic)

WATCH: Kisos - He Didn't Want Me (Official Music Video)

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