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Veneno, Idris Elba, Voyagers, Chasten Buttigieg, Moderate Democrats, Ryan O’Connell, YouTube's Drama Economy, Colin Farrell & MORE!

Idris Elba, Naomi Campbell

Idris Elba, Naomi Campbell And Other Black Celebrities Show Support for LGBTQ Community in Ghana After Raid on Center Joining forces with other influential names in fashion, film and media to express their solidarity with the LGBTQ "family" in an open letter tagged #GhanaSupportsEquality. It comes after the recently-opened community center in Accra, named 'LGBT+ Rights Ghana,' was raided. Among the letter's 67 signatories are British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful, Netflix's chief marketing officer Bozoma Saint John and Virgil Abloh, chief executive officer at Off White and artistic director at Louis Vuitton. "To our Ghanaian LGBTQIA+ family: We see you and we hear you. We are in awe of your strength, your bravery and your audacity to be true to who you are even when it is dangerous to do so," the letter reads. "You are loved, you are important and you deserve a safe place to gather in your shared experience."

Chasten Buttigieg

Chasten Buttigieg's Story Inspired Other LGBTQs To Share Workplace Experiences 
Chasten, husband of newly-confirmed Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, recently shared a workplace incident when he was brazenly outed by a co-worker. “At the time, it would have been legal in far too many places in America for them to simply show me the door,” he continued. “It is time to codify true equality for LGBTQ people and pass the #EqualityAct.”

Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez or “La Veneno"

Review: The Brutal Beauty of Veneno Sometimes, when we’re lucky, we get a TV show like Veneno — the kind of show that jolts you awake and makes you pay attention. The kind that makes you think about the countless ways we tell stories and all the possibilities we haven’t yet staked out. The kind that gives you the power to see the world differently and makes your senses tingle. The kind that makes you want to talk about it with anyone and everyone. Veneno, in practical use, is the Spanish word for venom. But it’s also the nickname of one Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez or “La Veneno,” a real-life, Spanish transgender singer and celebrity who rose to prominence in the mid-’90s after appearing on one of Spain’s popular late-night TV shows. Veneno is about her life, and all its joys and complications. Thematically, Veneno has a lot in common with the recently released It’s a Sin and the earlier FX series Pose (the latter of which accounts for the bulk of trans representation on TV).

Ryan O'Connell

TV star Ryan O’Connell ('Special') Opens Up About His Drinking and A New Book 
“My drinking had pretty much spiraled out of control in the beginning of the pandemic. I had been in a TBD relationship with alcohol for some time and I had been wanting to change it and felt powerless to do so,” admits Ryan. “I started writing the novel in a way to kind of write this character who was like a high functioning alcoholic as a way to kind of be honest with myself for the first time about drinking and my own relationship to it. And I felt like once I wrote those feelings down, I couldn’t lie to myself anymore.” But when COVID-19 raged through society like an unwelcome bachelorette party at a leather bar, Ryan’s series hit a roadblock. “Special had just shut down production... I was feeling full ‘boy interrupted’ and I wanted to do a writing exercise, just writing a thousand words a day. And I had no idea what this thing was going to turn into.” Spoiler: it turned into the forthcoming novel Just By Looking at Him, a project that allowed Ryan to tackle a sore subject that was becoming sorer by the day.

An international tribunal has ruled that Jamaica should scrap its homophobic laws immediately. The hatred that LGBTQ+ people routinely face in Jamaica, and the colonial-hangover laws that criminalize gay relationships, are well documented. But, for the first time, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has determined that laws against the “abominable crime of buggery” and acts of “gross indecency” effectively led to state-sanctioned violence against LGBTQ+ Jamaicans.

How Black Cartographers Put Racism on the Map of America The Black Panthers focused on African American empowerment and community survival, running a diverse array of programming that ranged from free school breakfasts to armed self-defense. Cartography is a less documented aspect of the Panthers’ activism, but the group used maps to reimagine the cities where African Americans lived and struggled. In 1971 the Panthers collected 15,000 signatures on a petition to create new police districts in Berkeley, California – districts that would be governed by local citizen commissions and require officers to live in the neighborhoods they served. The proposal made it onto the ballot but was defeated.

Andy Towle

Thank You, Andy Towle, For Over Two Decades of Amazing Work in Gay Media The sun sets on Andy Towle’s time at Towleroad after 18 years of helping set the gay agenda The founder of one of the earliest and most popular gay blogs said in a post that he’s trading in his laptop for some paintbrushes and hoping to have some free time on the weekends again. For almost two decades, Andy has been the Internet’s gay curator. At Towleroad he was able to unearth interesting tidbits both big and small from across the globe. He focused a lot on LGBTQ-specific news, but he also shared funny, quirky and sometimes frightening news from entertainment and politics that he thought his readers would find interesting.

1 in 2 LGBTQ+ Gamers Hide Their Sexual Identity Here’s Why Video games act as an escape for many people. While everyone has a different experience in the gaming community, the LGBTQ+ population has also had a unique experience. My team asked gamers who identify as LGBTQ+ about their experiences in the gaming world to determine how inclusive the online gaming community is or isn’t. Here’s what we found.

Richard Grenell

Conservatives Turn On Gay Trump Supporter Richard Grenell After Pro-Trans Tweet Grenell tried to suggest that conservatives support transgender people. It didn't go well Grenell’s attempt to suggest that the conservative conference was welcoming to transgender people ran into a small problem: the transphobic responses he received from other conservatives. “I don’t want this in my party,” Joshua Foxworth, a failed Republican candidate, tweeted in response. “This is insanity and against everything that I stand for and against Christ. If you support this, you are not a conservative.”

What Is It Like To Be LGBTQ In Finance? From intern to executive, these people are telling their stories about what it means to be LGBTQ+ in finance In 2021, diversity and inclusion roles are now commonplace in larger organisations. But across businesses of all sizes, it is often those who are part of minority groups such as the LGBTQ+ community who are expected to do the work: answer questions, give presentations, become role models.

VP Kamala Harris, Pres Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi

Moderate Democrats Chafe As House Moves Fast On Progressive Priorities On LGBTQ rights, police reform and immigration overhaul, moderates are warning liberals are risking getting laws enacted. The House Democratic leadership must balance the desires of a diverse caucus, which includes progressives who are advocating for bold legislation and moderates from swing states. Some on the left want to take advantage of the moment and are calling on their colleagues in the Senate to simply kill the filibuster and enact the most progressive proposals without any Republican support. “We should be as bold and ambitious as our caucus will bear in the House,” Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-Texas, said. “We should not negotiate against ourselves.”

Welcome to the Circus 19 Moments That Defined YouTube 'Drama' Economy… and Then Destroyed It 
It was only a matter of time before the drama channels came for each other. Since YouTube invaded our screens 16 years ago — big, medium, and little — the platform’s beauty community has run things with an aspirational Regina George–like charm. Then, beginning in the mid-2010s, all the glamour of the beauty community began to be overshadowed by its ugly stepsisters, the drama channels. Known for exposés, spreading rumors, and clickbait, drama channels emerged to expose the unblended underbelly of the picture-perfect beauty community, and they’ve overtaken the space at a dizzying rate.

Colin Farrell in Voyagers

WATCH: Trailer for "Voyagers"

Synopsis: A crew of astronauts on a multi-generational mission descend into paranoia and madness, not knowing what is real or not.

The sci fi film stars: Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp, Fionn Whitehead, Colin Farrell, Chanté Adams, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Viveik Kalra, Archie Madekwe and Quintessa Swindell. It was written and directed by Neil Burger (Limitless, Divergent and Billions).

"Voyagers" is scheduled to be released on April 9, 2021.

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