Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Michael Hamm Talks Cosplay

Michael Hamm

Cosplay is like Halloween but better because you can dress up whenever you want and not have to wait for that one day a year to let your freak flag fly. Cosplayers are completely devoted to the craft and put so much time, effort and money into their costumes. I love how creative cosplayers can be. Exhibit A: the pic above is Michael Hamm as Aquaman! 

Gayming Magazine's Michael Therkelsen writes: 
One of the topics that is rarely discussed... is the sub-culture of cosplaying. This is intriguing to me. When it comes to drag performers, we scream “YAS QWEEN!” to the high heavens, but when it comes to dressing up as video game characters, we seem to show little interest. I want to change this by highlighting some of the best and most talented cosplayers on the internet; especially ones that openly embrace their own queer identity. Let me start with Michael Hamm.

Michael Hamm

Hamm is one of the most recognizable cosplayers with his muscular physique and flair. He's appeared at dozens of comic cons over the years and his social media presence grows every month. 

Check out the two videos below to learn how Hamm discovered cosplay and how he keeps his abs in shape!

WATCH: Michael Hamm Talks Cosplay

WATCH: Michael Hamm's Ab Routine and Other Stuff

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