Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Colin Farrell's New Role: Best Man at Gay Older Brother's Upcoming 'Marriage'

Congratulations are in order for Eamon Farrell, older brother of actor Colin Farrell. Eamon who is openly gay, proposed to his boyfriend Steven Mannion last year in New York. The brothers are very close (they even live side-by-side in South Dublin) and Colin has been very supportive of Eamon and Steven's relationship; it is rumoured that Colin helped Eamon pick out the ring! Aahh - how sweet! Current Irish law does not permit same-sex marriage, as in Canada or Spain and the legislation for civil partnership has not gone through in the Irish Parliament yet, so Eamon and Steven are considering their options.

PinkNewsUK, reporting on the upcoming Farrell festivities, quotes from the Mirror:
"Eamon proposed before Christmas. The pair share a love of art and this is what brought them together. Eamon is a respected dance teacher who set up the National Performing Arts School in Dublin more than 10 years ago. And Steven is a really talented artist who has been welcomed into the Farrell family." The insider told the Mirror: "With Irish legislation the way it is at the minute, the wedding can't be here. But the couple could go to the North or England for a civil partnership ceremony there. It's more likely though that they'll get married in the States so Colin's whole family can be there."
I wonder if they want marriage or civil partnership? Civil partnership, no matter how it is dressed up, is not the same as marriage, so I hope Eamon and Steven choose to marry in Massachusetts! Either way - congrats, fellas!