Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Movie: Longtime Companion (Watch)

Longtime Companion was the first wide-release theatrical film where AIDS was pivotal to the story. The film starts in the year 1981 introducing the audience to a group of gay men. As the film chronicles the first years of the AIDS epidemic we witness their loss and struggle as they try to deal with this plague. It's a classic movie. When it was released in 1989 I knew of no gay man who hadn't sought out a movie theatre in which to watch it, often with friends, and often in tears.

The film was a critical success with a stellar cast that included: Bruce Davison, Campbell Scott, Patrick Cassidy, Dermot Mulroney, Dan Butler, Michael Schoeffling, Stephen Caffrey, John Dossett and Mary-Louise Parker. Bruce Davison received an Academy Award nomination (supporting actor category) for his heartbreaking performance.

Watch Movie: Longtime Companion

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