Thursday, July 24, 2008

NEW Interview: Charlie David (Dante's Cove)

Actor and entrepreneur Charlie David recently spoke with Xtra's Ralph Higgins about his queer activism and success on television shows such as BUMP! and Dante's Cove. Higgins writes:
His handsome face and killer smile have already won Charlie David legions of admirers, but beyond that gorgeous exterior lies a man of many passions. Recently, spoke with David about his career, life and queer activism. David's first taste of show business came during high school in his native Saskatchewan when he starred in the musical group Sask Express. David went on to be a founding member of a boy band, but the group never quite hit its stride. Bitten by the performance bug, David attended the Canadian College of Performing Arts and began what has become a very busy career. David will soon start filming the fourth season of both Dante's Cove and the travel series Bump. Yet he still finds time to make guest appearances on shows like Ugly Betty, and he co-owns a film and TV production company, Border2Border Entertainment... READ MORE