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Actor and singer, Luke Evans was photographed shirtless showing off his physique with hunky friend Gustavo Naspolini (pic above) at the beach in Miami. Damn, I'm jealous of Luke. This one is gorgeous! More.

How a Pottery Collective Uplifts Formerly Incarcerated LGBTQ Folks We don’t get redos, but we do get new opportunities. People’s Pottery Project, a Los Angeles-based artist-driven initiative, offers those opportunities to formerly incarcerated women, trans, and non-binary individuals by way of clay and ceramic art. Full-time artists at the studio benefit from skill-building, paid job training, gainful employment, and a judgment-free haven.

Massachusetts Man, Accused Of Punching Gay Man and yelling homophobic slur at him in alleged hate crime, ordered held without bail, DA says.

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch and Chris Pratt To Star In Amazon's Thriller "The Terminal List"
Based on the bestselling novel by Jack Carr, The Terminal List stars Pratt as Navy SEAL James Reece, whose platoon is ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission. He returns home questioning what really happened and who was responsible. Kitsch will play Reece’s best friend Ben Edwards, a former SEAL who now works for the CIA and uses his intelligence access to help Reece unravel the mystery.

Five Ways Parents Can Help Kids Avoid Gender Stereotypes 
The majority of Americans believe there is more work to do on gender equality. As a genderqueer sociologist, a parent of a kindergartner and the author of a book on gender creative parenting, I study the importance of disrupting sexism in childhood. Here are five ways I've found that parents and caregivers can fight gender stereotypes in kids' lives.

Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Pride and Less Prejudice to Host a Panel on LGBTQ Media Representation
Nicole Maines, Darryl Stephens, Theo Germaine, and Andrew Keenan-Bolger will participate in the "See Yourself, Be Yourself" virtual panel. On Saturday, March 20 at 2 PM EST, Pride and Less Prejudice (PLP) will host a virtual panel on the importance of LGBTQ media representation. Founded in November 2019, PLP provides free, age-appropriate, LGBTQ-inclusive books to classrooms from pre-K to 3rd grade in order to foster LGBTQ inclusivity and acceptance. Since its launch, PLP has raised more than $20,000 and donated more than 1,200 books to classrooms across the United States and Canada. Recently, PLP also received a $2,000 community grant from the Tegan and Sara Foundation to finance their work in Canada.

Britney Spears Flaunts Weight Loss & Reveals How She Shed Pounds In Seductive New Video.

Anti-LGBTQ Bias – Not Just for Employment – So Don’t Discriminate in Housing, Health Care, Education, or Accommodations Either. Your business should already have in place anti-discrimination policies, training, and practices for employees.

Priscilla and Regina. Brooklyn, New York. 1979

Portraits of Lesbian Life and Love in the 1970s 
American photographer Joan E Biren’s intimate images – featuring lesbians of all ages, races and backgrounds – are a vital document of LGBTQ+ history. 

LGBTQ Community Hopes For 'Same Rights' As Everyone Else Ahead Of Equality Act Vote.
In more than half of states in the U.S., LGBTQ people can be evicted, thrown out of a business or denied a loan because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. But that could change this week when the House of Representatives votes on the highly anticipated Equality Act on Thursday. 

Fox News Rewards Greg Gutfeld’s Bigotry, Lies, And Sycophancy With Another Weekday Show. Gutfeld defended Trump's refusal to denounce white supremacy and right-wing extremist group the Proud Boys. And after numerous examples of QAnon-related violence, Gutfeld wrongly claimed no such examples exist.

Isaac Powell

Gay Stars Isaac Powell and James Scully Join Cast of Amazon's "Modern Love"
Isaac Powell is best known for his role in the Broadway revival of West Side Story and James Scully was a main cast member in season two of Netflix’s You. The romantic comedy series focuses on a different relationship in every episode and it’s based on the weekly column published by the New York Times.

Covering The Impact Of COVID-19 On The LGBTQ Community - 4 Tips And 5 Questions To Get You Started
LGBTQ Americans are more likely than the general population to live in poverty, lack access to medical care, health insurance and paid medical leave, and be at greater risk of health complications due to COVID-19, research has shown. Systemic discrimination and economic disparities are among the drivers of this population’s increased vulnerability.

Veterans Administration Secretary McDonough Issued A Memorandum Tuesday Directing His Agency to review its policies and procedures as it relates to the care of LGBTQ veterans, their families, caregivers, survivors, and employees. “My goal as secretary is to make sure VA is welcoming to all veterans, including our transgender veterans,” he said.

Black Lightning

The Best Sci-Fi Shows Of 2021 
The year got off to a great start, with networks investing heavily to deliver a variety of shows from across the science fiction spectrum — and the results have frequently been spectacular. Whether viewers are looking for super-heroic vigilantes, reality-warping homages to classic sitcoms, depictions of the future, or trips to alternate versions of the past, they will find that the shows of 2021 have offered quite the selection to choose from.

How Two Utah Anti-Trans Bills Fit Into The State’s History Of LGBTQ Policy To break these down and explain some of the history of LGBTQ rights on Capitol Hill, reporter Sonja Hutson joined All Things Considered host Caroline Ballard.

Why ‘Free Mom Hugs’ Founder Sara Cunningham Spreads Love To The LGBTQ Community
In 2018, Sara Cunningham was catapulted into the public eye when she spontaneously posted a message to her social media accounts: “PSA. If you need a mom to attend your same sex wedding because your biological mom won’t,” she wrote, “Call me. I’m there. I’ll be your biggest fan. I’ll even bring the bubbles.” She had no idea that her post would go viral, that it would not only lead to her actually standing in at people’s weddings, but that moms around the world would follow her lead and offer to stand in as well.

Glenn Burke

New Book Tells Story of Glenn Burke, The First Openly Gay Player In MLB
His Dodgers teammates were slow to recognize signs that were obvious to others.

Football Is Ready For Openly Gay Players

West Virginia Bill Would Prohibit Displays Of Sexuality In Schools 
Critics say bill is so broad that it could penalize teachers for teaching sex ed or for stopping anti-LGBTQ bullying.

Americans Are Identifying As LGBTQ More Than Ever 
1 in 6 members of Gen Z identify as something other than heterosexual. Why are there more people identifying as LGBTQ? The difference could be caused by a true generational shift in sexual orientation and gender identity, Gallup editor Jeffrey Jones said it more likely reflects a greater willingness for younger Americans to be open about their identity.

Keiynan Lonsdale

Re-Imagined 'Step Up' TV Series Coming To Starz 
Openly queer actor-singer Keiynan Lonsdale (The Flash) and "Power" alum Enrique Murciano will be series regulars. Other celebrated names joining the cast include: Christina Milian, Ne-Yo, Terayle Hill (Cobra Kai) and dancer Rebbi Rosie. The series was created by executive producer Holly Sorensen. Starz will air the first two seasons of the series beginning Friday, March 5 across all platforms.

Biden’s First Month Is One For The LGBTQ History Books 
One month into his term as President, Joseph R. Biden has done more for LGBT equality than any President’s full body of work in an entire four year or eight year term. Here’s the summary.

Southern Baptists Expel 2 Churches Over LGBTQ Inclusivity 
One of two churches ousted by the Southern Baptist Convention's executive committee on Tuesday for being too inclusive of LGBTQ people is pushing back, saying "it is our commitment to share the love of Jesus."

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan Drops His Most Laid-Back Fashion Campaign To Date
The openly gay singer's Uniqlo collab launches Thursday, February 25. To celebrate, we're looking back at his fashion campaigns through the years.

Two Film Festivals in March Feature Some LGBTQ movies — And While The Pandemic Continues To Keep Folks At Home, these streaming festivals can transport viewers to a different time and place.

Series of Hate-Motivated Vandalism Leaves LGBTQ Community In Canadian City of Windsor On Edge.

What 'Hustler' Magazine's Larry Flynt's Freedom Fighter Legacy
Meant For LGBTQ Culture.

Victory Fund Endorses 30 LGBTQ Candidates for 2021 Cycle

Victory Fund Endorses 30 LGBTQ Candidates for 2021 Cycle
 Mark Levine Endorsed for VA Lieutenant Governor. Levine received a Game Changer endorsement in his race for Virginia Lieutenant Governor.

Holding The 2022 World Cup In Qatar Is Akin To Staging It In Apartheid South Africa, according to the new chief executive of "Kick It Out". Tony Burnett, who started work at the anti-discrimination body at the start of the month, said the men’s game had much more to do to create an inclusive environment where homosexual players felt comfortable to come out.

WATCH: Sylvester sings "Living For The City" back In 1986!
My blog buddy shared this video with me the other day of the late, great Sylvester performing Stevie Wonder's "Living For The City". I had not seen it before. Awesome! 

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