Saturday, August 23, 2008

Profile: Gay comic Alan Carr

His soccer boss father wanted him to be a footballer, but Alan Carr always knew he wasn't like other boys. Now, as Britain's campest comic, he's making millions.

UK Daily Mail reports:
With his trademark gap-toothed smile and thick glasses, Alan Carr has a face you can't forget. Today, he's got his own primetime show, a clutch of awards and last month Channel 4 signed him up to a £3 million, two-year golden handcuffs deal. The contract marks the summit of a meteoric rise for the comedian, who spent many years working in 'dead-end' jobs in call centres and supermarkets before trying his luck on the comedy circuit.

But, despite the plaudits and multi-million-pound salary, there is still one person who has failed to embrace his success. His father, Graham Carr, has struggled to accept his son's choice of career. As a former football player, and later manager, with Northampton Town, his life revolved around the testosterone-fuelled world of soccer and he'd hoped his son would follow in his footsteps. Despite their differences, father and son remain close, and Alan insists that both his parents are proud of him. Still, Graham has never seen his son perform live - but Alan says he's not worried. READ MORE