Monday, August 25, 2008

Lisa Stansfield: Rediscovering the blue-eyed soul singer's "Real Love"

Before Duffy, before Adele, before Joss Stone, there was Lisa Stansfield.

Kit O'Toole writes:
In 1990, Lisa Stansfield injected the music scene with equal shots of dance and retro soul with her hit All Around the World. Sporting a very short hairdo with her signature spit curl, the British Stansfield proclaimed her allegiance to soul pioneers such as Barry White while updating his sound with modern dance beats. Her debut album, Affection, featured the aforementioned single as well as the follow-up, You Can't Deny It. But she really hit her stride with her next album, 1993's Real Love. Although not as successful as the first CD, Real Love possesses a true reverence for classic R&B, and allows Stansfield to further develop her blue-eyed soul vocals into something unique. READ MORE