Thursday, August 21, 2008

Suicides of two gay men shocks families, city

This is an extremely tragic story about the suicides of two young gay men in the UK. The police are not treating the suicides as suspicious which I find hard to believe. Perhaps more details will surface in the coming weeks.

UK Pink Paper reports:
(Cornwall, UK) The suicides of two young gay men has left their respective families – and Cornwall’s youth – in mourning. Both Daniel Cudd, 23, and Roger Irons, 21, were found hanged in two separate incidents that have shocked fellow Falmouth residents. Cudd, of Old Hill Crescent, was discovered at a house in Helston’s Bulwark Road just before 4am on July 31. An ambulance was called, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. Then, just after 3am on August 2nd, Irons was found hanging from a tree in Chestnut Close. Both incidents happened less than 48 hours apart.

An inquest is yet to rule on the causes of death, but police are not treating it as suspicious. Despite this, Cudd’s mother does not believe it was suicide. “There was nothing whatsoever to suggest he would do something like this,” she said. “Whatever the outcome, I will never believe he intended to take his own life. It was a tragic accident.” Cudd’s younger sister added: “Everyone thinks he didn’t mean to do it.” READ MORE