Saturday, September 06, 2008

The unofficial reviews are in! Daniel Radcliffe wows audience in first Broadway performance

David Chiu writes:
Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared in his first preview performance of the Broadway drama Equus Friday, earning raves from fans. "I thought that he was terrific," Mandy Menaker, a college student who attended the performance at New York's Broadhurst Theater, told PEOPLE. Danielle Manente from New Jersey agreed that Radcliffe was wonderful. "He was really good. He captured the character [and] he was so into it. He never broke character. I believed everything he said." His very emotional performance, which reveals his character, Alan Strang's anger and fear, was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience. Not to mention wowing the crowd with the nude scene, which comes toward the end of Equus. "Oh my God! That was nice...I'm not gonna lie..."said Manente READ MORE

Opening night is scheduled for Sept. 25, and the production will play through Feb. 8, 2009.