Saturday, April 26, 2008

To The Hirsute Male We Salute You

Friends, readers and countrymen... I come here to praise the hairy-chested man in all his glorious varieties: the muscle bear, the daddy bear; the silver fox, the sporting jock; the average 'joe' and the erotic model wearing 'JOE'.

Be it coarse or silky, curly or straight, woolly or clipped, there is an undeniable allure for many of us to explore the hidden depths of the hairy chest. It is an adventure to seek out and feel the masculinity of the hirsute male.

Someone, somewhere, once said something about loving a man in uniform. To that I add, I love a man in a hairy chested body. Unlike a uniform, you can't take chest hair off (permanently).

So, to conclude my oratory on the virtues of hirsuteness, please join with me to pay homage to the men with hair on their chests... gaze lovingly (and often) at these fine specimens... hirsute men, we salute you.

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