Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Raise Your Voice Rally" in Memphis on Sunday October 4, 2009

Last Friday night in Memphis a billboard featuring gay soldier, Tim Smith, was ripped to shreds by vandals. Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center is holding the "Raise Your Voice Rally."

Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center:

In response to the disrespect shown to our community and to former marine Tim Smith, Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center is on a campaign to change the Mid-South.

Join us for a rally on Sunday October 4 at 1:00 pm on the front steps of First Congregational Church 1000 S. Cooper St. to unite our community in the face of hatred and intolerance.

Then join us afterward at Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center to show the Mid-South that we are committed to change.

  • We will be nonviolent.
  • We will work to make our city safer.
  • We will foster tolerance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
    • We need your help to make this happen … so,

      In the face of intimidation … RAISE YOUR VOICE!
      In the despair of silence … RAISE YOUR VOICE!
      In defiance of shame … RAISE YOUR VOICE!
      To the deceit of the closet … RAISE YOUR VOICE!
      Against the stench of hatred … RAISE YOUR VOICE!

      For more information visit:
      Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center