Monday, October 12, 2009

HRC calls vandalism damage 'minimal'

“The HRC is not a democratic or inclusive institution, especially for the people who they claim to represent... Just like society today, the HRC is run by a few wealthy elites who are in bed with corporate sponsors who proliferate militarism, hetero-normativity, and capitalist exploitation.”
- Queers Against Assimilation

Southern Voice reports:
Vandalism at the Human Rights Campaign headquarters was minimal and has already been removed by the organization, according to an HRC spokesperson. The building’s entrance was vandalized over the weekend, and the damage included a message in pink paint that read “Quit leaving queers behind.”

Brad Luna, an HRC spokesperson, said the damage to the building was “rather minimal” and had been erased by midday Monday. “We already have it washed off,” he said. “We have filed charges with the police and are hopeful they will catch whoever perpetrated this crime.” Luna declined to directly comment on the graffiti’s accusation that HRC was “leaving queers behind.”

A group calling itself “Queers Against Assimilation” took credit for the act in response to a blog posting at Lez Get Real, which was first to report the vandalism at HRC. READ MORE