Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wanda Sykes Takes on Late Night

The five white male comics hosting late-night and prime-time talk shows often feel interchangeable. Fox hopes to change this with "The Wanda Sykes Show" premiering Saturday, November 7, 2009.
Zap2it. reports:
Heading to the set of CBS' "The New Adventures of Old Christine," where she plays acerbic Barb, and fresh from her latest hilarious HBO special, "I'ma Be Me," Sykes is exhausted from work and caring for the 6-month-old twins she and her wife have, yet exhilarated. The one-hour show hadn't taped at this writing, but Sykes, 45, explains the premise to Zap2it.

Zap2it: Will anything be off limits?

Wanda Sykes: No. I told the writers as long as it's relevant, if I can see why we are doing it, it has to be grounded in reality, let's not be mean-spirited. I'm not going to just call somebody fat.

Zap2it: What is your goal for the show?

Wanda Sykes: To be funny, to have people talking about it. Do people still say "water cooler"? I would love water cooler. Of course, now you just go online. I would love it to be a show people are looking forward to and say, "I can't wait for next Saturday."