Friday, February 05, 2010

America's problem with gay soldiers

"Let's be clear about this: Homosexual Americans are risking life and limb in the service of their country and their comrades, and no doubt have been since the United States declared independence," writes Neil Macdonald. "The military command knows that, the political leadership here knows that and, really, so does any soldier with brains or elementary powers of observation. But this is America, with its deep moralistic streak, so the policy, at least since Bill Clinton instituted it in 1993, has been to pretend gay soldiers don't exist. The military doesn't ask, and as long as gay troopers don't admit to anything, everything's jake. Unless some third party rats one of them out. In that case, regrettably, the offending GI must be discharged. Thousands have been: We honour your service, faggot. Now take a hike." READ MORE