Saturday, February 27, 2010

New interview with actress, Lindsay Wagner (TV's The Bionic Woman)

Chris Mann at Retroality has a brand new interview with Lindsay Wagner, whom I adore (and hope you do too!) Below is an excerpt from that interview.

Chris Mann at Retroality:

She's heard it all before, I'm sure:

"I loved the Bionic Woman,"

"I used to make that bionic sound while running,"

"Fembots gave me night sweats."

Here, in the first of an exclusive two-part interview, the Emmy-winning actress, author and wellness advocate—comfortably draped in an Eastern-style wrap and still naturally stunning at 60, shares her tranformative experiences that led her into acting and teaching before ultimately accepting the TV role that made her a global star and role model.

Chris Mann: You’ve always kept yourself energized through meditation and holistic healing. What are you doing now in that realm?

Lindsay Wagner: I’m doing some workshops and retreats. I call them experiential workshops. They’re really designed to help people recognize and shift limiting perspectives that we carry with us. And I believe that it is our perspective of any life circumstance that renders our experience of it rather than the circumstance—or the relationship or event—itself.

Chris Mann: Because you are so well known for the Bionic Woman's physical super powers, do you find people are surprised by this other level to you?

Lindsay Wagner: Honestly, people who’ve followed my whole career may remember The Bionic Woman and relate to that in a very intense way. But I find that most people who’ve followed my whole career don’t see me as the physical, strong Bionic Woman. They relate more to the types of stories I’ve always gravitated to and/or generated; stories that have to do with people transcending circumstances in their lives, which we call all relate to.

Chris Mann: I’m one of the many, many who grew up watching you on The Bionic Woman and who’ll tell you that that show had heart.

Lindsay Wagner: Which the remake did not.

Chris Mann: No. It missed the soul of the original. Do fans often express that that’s something you brought to the show?

Lindsay Wagner: Oh, definitely. Though kids watching it were not able at that age to articulate what they saw that we worked so hard to put in it—especially at my incessant prompting. They had to take a black-and-white formula—good guy/bad guy, good guy always wins and bad guy is just plain bad—and make it more human. I was very insistent about not using my bionics in an aggressive or offensive way. No offensive moves were done by her. It was all in defense. I continuously encouraged the writers to find ways for her to use her mind and her bionics as an extension of her mind.

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