Monday, February 15, 2010

Same-Sex Couple Stir Fears of a ‘Gay Agenda’

"Of late, anti-homosexual sentiment has been intensifying in several African nations," reports the New York Times. "A law proposed in Uganda would order a life sentence — and even death — for homosexuals. In Gambia, the president demanded that gay people leave the country, threatening them with beheading. The Senegalese penal code calls for one to five years in prison for homosexual behavior. In Malawi, a deeply impoverished, landlocked nation of 14 million, some in government have called for the inclusion of gay men in the fight against AIDS. But this is but an empty gesture in a nation where homosexuality is outlawed. Gay men and lesbians hide in more than a closet: they secret themselves in a vault. There is no such thing as gay activism." READ MORE