Monday, February 15, 2010

Superstar Matthew Mitcham Dives Into Cologne Gay Games

"Openly gay Australian diver and Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham will be among thousands of athletes and artists who will converge on Cologne, Germany, later this year for the eighth edition of the Gay Games, scheduled to commence on July 31 and run through Aug. 7, 2010," reports Kilian Melloy. "Mitcham, who took the gold in Beijing during the 2008 Summer Olympics, will not be competing in the Games, but he will appear at various events, a Feb. 14 press release from the Federation of Gay Games announced."

"I’m excited to be part of something so important for our communities around the globe," Mitcham said. "This event brings lesbian and gay life out on the court, onto the track, and into the pool. "Being ’out’ means for me being just as I am with nothing to be ashamed about and no reasons to hide," the gold medalist continued. "Participating at the Gay Games is a great chance for all gays and lesbians to show that we as a community are not like the stereotypes the straight media loves to portray." Added Mitcham READ MORE

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