Wednesday, April 07, 2010

UPDATE: GLAAD demands Puerto Rican TV show to stop using anti-gay language

Earlier today, I reported that Puerto Rican gay rights activists started a campaign against a TV show after it repeatedly called Ricky Martin a 'faggot'.

GLAAD has issued a statement:
On the Puerto Rican gossip show Super Xclusivo on Wapa America the pejorative term “pato,” was used several times on segments telecast April 5 and April 6. Co-hosts Hector Travieso and “La Comay,” a large puppet with whom Travieso gossips, have discussed the story extensively. Martin is from Puerto Rico. The use of such anti-gay and derogatory terms helps to foster prejudice which can lead to violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

GLAAD is calling on Super Xclusivo to stop using this or any other defamatory term. Also on the show, the co-hosts presented a long segment in which they speculated on the sexual orientation of various celebrities, again using defamatory terminology.
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Gay activists campaign against TV show after it repeatedly calls Ricky Martin a 'faggot'