Thursday, February 25, 2021

Queering The Globes, Scouts Scandal, Chechnya, Models Speak Out, Equality Act, Black & Gay, Vaccines, Nimona, RIP Virgil's & MORE!

Reece King, Billy Langdon and Marcus Hodson

Out On The Runway: LGBTQ Models Talk Navigating A 'Hyper-Masculine' Industry Reece King, Billy Langdon and Marcus Hodson share their experiences. The fashion world has always been a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. But while many top designers and creative directors are gay, on the modelling side representation is still all too lacking, with casting directors continuing to rely heavily on heteronormative stereotypes when deciding on the face of their new campaign or collection.

Malaysia and LGBTQ Rights

Malaysian Man Wins Country's First Challenge Against Islamic Law Banning Gay Sex The man was charged in an Islamic court in 2019 with attempting to have "intercourse against the order of nature", and several others in the same case have already pleaded guilty and were caned as a punishment.

Satchel Lee

Meet Satchel Lee, the First Out Queer Golden Globes Ambassador The daughter of legendary film director Spike Lee is using her new platform to help LGBTQ+ people find health care.


Future Of Disney's First Animated Feature Film With Queer Leads, "Nimona," Is In Doubt  Disney's first feature-length animated movie to showcase queer lead characters, and even a same-sex kiss, is now in limbo after the closure of the studio working on it. Employees of Blue Sky Studios, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, say they were told on Feb. 9 that Disney was shutting them down as of April, and that the entire staff would be laid off.

San Francisco Loses Another Another Great Queer Space Due To COVID-19 Pandemic For Lila Thirkield, creating an all-inclusive space like Virgil’s Sea Room in the Mission was a deep labor of love.  “The mix of people was incredible. We concentrated on booking groups like weddings and special events, that was a big part of our business. On the patio would be a wild queer birthday party, inside one table would be a tech happy hour, and over there would be the hospital construction crew having some beers together while someone brought in tacos. By the end of the night everyone would be mingling and laughing.”

Gregg Lennon Jr , Hairdresser

The Hairdresser Coloring Queer Pop's Revolution
From 100 gecs to Dorian Electra to Rebecca Black, the current queer pop revolution is one of the most electrifying and exciting musical movements in recent memory. But alongside a shared love of electro-maximalism and envelope-pushing concepts, these artists also have one other thing in common — and it's Gregg Lennon Jr. While Lennon only moved to LA this past year with his makeup guru husband Nick, he's already managed to become one of the scene's most sought-after hairdressers simply through word of mouth.

WE Trans Support Office

Residents Show Love To Trans Support Office After Hateful Vandalism  WE Trans Support executive director Alexander Reid recalls the gut-wrenching feeling when he walked into work to witness not one, but three acts of vandalism in a week’s time. “It’s scary. Honestly," Reid said of the situation. "It’s a really big disappointment.”


Orlando and Miami Are Among US Cities With Highest Concentration Of Gay Coupled Households Once known for singer Anita Bryant's anti-gay rights campaign and a ban on gay and lesbian adoptions, Florida is now home to two metro areas with among the highest concentrations of gay and lesbian coupled households in the U.S., according to a new report released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Orlando and Miami had the fourth and sixth highest percentages respectively of same sex coupled households in the U.S., according to the report released this week using data from the bureau's 2019 American Community Survey.

Activist David Isteev

Witness To The Anti-Gay Horrors In Chechnya  In an era when documentaries often seem geared more toward a slick and buzzy “docu-tainment” style than to the unfiltered presentation of real-world facts and experiences, “Welcome to Chechnya” blasts you in the face like a gust of icy wind. A harrowing look at the “underground railroad” that sprung up within Russia to help the victims of the notorious “gay genocide” being perpetrated under Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, it’s a film that makes you want to look away but doesn’t let you do it. It conveys the unthinkable trauma of living in a constant state of terror while making a desperate, clandestine run for your very life; more than that, it permits us to put a human face – albeit a digitally altered one – on the crisis.

New Ad Encourages Questions About Vaccines And Where To Find Answers The $500 million ad campaign focuses not only on questions people may have about getting vaccinated for the coronavirus, but where to find answers. MORE at The Randy Report.

Jason Okundaye and Marc Thompson

Meet The Instagrammers Behind "Black & Gay Back In The Day" And why they decided to start a digital archive that celebrates, honours, and remembers the Black British queer community. Despite only having been around for just over a month, you could say the foundation for @blackandgaybackintheday started three years ago, when founders Jason Okundaye and Marc Thompson first met. At the time, Okundaye was working on his dissertation, focused on HIV rates amongst Black men who have sex with men in the UK. He sent Thompson, a prominent HIV sexual health advocate and director at The Love Tank, "an enthusiastic message" asking to interview him about his work.

Colorado Man Challenges Rules Regarding Pride Flag In First Amendment Lawsuit A hearing is set for March 8 in Denver Federal District Court in which a man is challenging his metropolitan district’s rules regarding when he can fly his gay pride flag. The American Civil Liberties Union and the homeowners are calling it a violation of the First Amendment. On the sidewalk in front of his home David Pendery told CBS4 reporter Rick Sallinger, “For me it’s about a specific pride flag, but this is about a free speech issue.”

Jurors Can Be Rejected For Being Gay The Equality Act could change that. The Equality Act and the complementary Juror Non-Discrimination Act seek to bar attorneys from rejecting prospective jurors simply because they are LGBTQ. The House of Representatives is poised this week to vote on the Equality Act, a landmark assemblage of LGBTQ anti-discrimination measures that’s gotten strong support from President Joe Biden. If passed, the law would explicitly provide protections to LGBTQ people across key areas, including employment, housing, education, public accommodations and federally funded programs.

This Afternoon The U.S. House of Representatives Passed The LGBTQ Rights Bill  The Equality Act faces a tougher battle in the Senate, where a 60-vote threshold is required to bypass a filibuster.

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