Friday, June 11, 2010

How Nick Adams Stays In Shape!

Broadway's Nick Adams is currently starring in La Cage aux Folles and recently spoke with the New York Post about his workout routine.

How Broadway's Nick Adams stays in shape:
The show: "La Cage aux Folles," for which he dons tights as Angelique, the most agile of the drag queens, Les Cagelles. Check out his one-armed pole dance.

The workout: Daily visits to Gold's Gym for 90-minute sessions; abundant ab work and twice-weekly dance classes.

"My routine's specific to each show I'm doing," says the 27-year-old, whose biceps caused waves in a recent revival of "A Chorus Line." (When Mario Lopez joined the cast, Adams' character was forced to put a sweatshirt over his T- shirt so as not to upstage him.)

"I focus on one muscle group or body part each day: one day, chest; another day, biceps; then triceps, shoulders and back to chest. I also do 120 crunches at the gym, and another 120 in the dressing room, plus backstage stretches. And I take a ballet class at the Broadway Dance Center a couple of times a week."

Onstage workout: "Three jump-splits in one number, plus assorted nonstop acrobatics and running around. I also carry Sean Patrick Doyle's character, Chantelle, around the stage. He's probably the thinnest Cagelle, but very strong."

Diet: "I lost 5 pounds when we started; now I have a 1,500-calorie shake before the show. My friends call me The Garbage Disposal, because I'm constantly eating to keep up my weight. But I try to avoid fried foods -- they make me tired."

Bottom line: "I don't take any illegal substances; it really is just eating and hard work. The gym and dancing, that's all it takes. I don't believe in that other stuff."