Friday, July 23, 2010

Elderly gay man awarded a $600,000 settlement in discrimination suit

"Sonoma County [California] has agreed to pay $600,000 to settle a lawsuit by an elderly gay man who said social workers kept him from seeing his dying partner in the hospital. Clay Greene, 78, of Guerneville filed a lawsuit earlier this year, claiming the county's Public Guardian program discriminated against him because of his sexual orientation," reports Associated Press. "Greene accused social workers of denying him hospital visitation rights to see his partner, Harold Scull, despite signed wills, medical declarations and powers of attorney naming each other as spouses. The couple was not married nor registered as domestic partners. The lawsuit also alleged that after Scull's death, social workers forced Greene into a nursing home and sold the couple's property, including art and heirlooms. The county's lawyer, Gregory Spaulding, denied the discrimination claims but admitted mistakes in selling the couple's property." READ MORE

  • Gay Man Reaches Settlement with Sonoma

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