Sunday, August 08, 2010

'Gay Marriage Is Like Legalizing Child Abuse' Says Aussie Senate Candidate

Australian Senate candidate Wendy Francis (Family First) compared gay marriage to child abuse. Yep, the crazies are everywhere!

Sydney Morning Herald reports:
“Children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimising gay marriage is like legalising child abuse,” Wendy Francis, Family First's lead Senate candidate in Queensland, said in a Twitter message which has since been deleted.

Yet the comment, which also came in a statement calling on Labor and the Coalition to “end the gay marriage debate”, remained on her website when viewed at 9:30pm Sunday night. It was later removed from her site at around 10pm.

Thousands of Twitter users blasted Francis for her comments after they were made on Sunday on the social networking site. “Your baseless claims are astounding,” said Twitter user StephenAKing.