Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Julia Roberts: Eat Pray Love

"Think noshing on delectable Neapolitan pizza sounds like the perfect day’s work? According to Julia Roberts, it gets old after a while. In Entertainment Weekly's cover story, the star of Eat Pray Love talks about carrying a film for the first time in a decade — in this excerpt from the interview — why she never used a spit bucket during the Eat Pray Love shoot."

Entertainment Weekly: Did you have a spit bucket by your side for all of the food scenes?

Julia Roberts: Well, first of all, that grosses me out. But the truth of the matter is, there probably would have come a point when I would have used it. If you look at any of the scenes of eating, by the end of the scene, I’m done eating. Like in the scene with the pizza, by the time the scene is over, I’ve eaten the entire piece. When we were in Naples, we started shooting at 8 in the morning, and I think by 8:45 I’d eaten 8 or 10 pieces of pizza. Pizza was what I ate all day that day.
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