Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Interview with Director, Kirk Shannon-Butts

"Filmmaker, photographer, Hollywood publicist, Men's Editor for Glamour Magazine and named The Visionary on the Out 100 list by Out Magazine... impressed at this resume? That's Kirk Shannon-Butts (left) for you. And that's only part of it. The guy knows what he wants, and how to work hard to get it," writes Eduardo Guize. "His latest film to date, Blueprint, is the story of Keith and Nathan, two black college freshmen who don't seem to have much in common, but they decide to leave their beloved laptop and earpieces aside and take the time to discover each other, and themselves, beyond stereotypes and off the beaten path of the regular love story."

"I had the chance to interview Kirk Shannon-Butts and ask him about the movie, the characters, and the gay film industry," writes Eduardo Guize.

Eduardo Guize: So tell me where the idea of this film comes from.

Kirk Shannon-Butts: Simple, I love gay film. AND rarely there is there a Black gay film this is interesting with a complete story and real characters like Blueprint. I had to make Blueprint to tell this story.

Eduardo Guize: Was it hard to find the right cast?

Kirk Shannon-Butts: Yes. There were many actors who came to the audition and said they had a problem or did not feel comfortable or did not feel that they would be able to play gay or kiss another guy. The two young stars of Blueprint, Blake Young-Fountain and Damion Lee are perfect. They really bring the characters to life with a special presence that is rare in a young Black male performance or movie role.
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