Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Openly gay student dragged from frat party while onlookers cheer, "Hey, this kid's a faggot"

"A gay student was dragged bodily out of an Emory University [Atlanta, Georgia] frat party on Oct. 23 by an Emory graduate, prompting accusations of homophobia. The student was attending a party at a Sigma Nu frat house, an Oct. 25 story published by student newspaper the Emory Wheel. The student was wearing a wizard hat, a lime-green jacket, and red trousers; the man who dragged him from the party, Adam Smith, claimed that the student’s style of dress had prompted the ejection," reports Kilian Melloy. The student, however, contended that the motivation behind the ejection was his sexual orientation. "At first, when I walked into the party, some people were taking pictures of me and appreciating, if you will, what I was wearing," he told the Wheel. The student, who was not named in the account, said that when he admitted to being gay, he was hustled out of the party to cheers. The student was allegedly subjected to anti-gay epithets, with Smith reportedly saying to onlookers, "Hey, this kid’s a faggot." READ MORE