Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unbearable Lightness by Portia DeGeneres

"She might be married to the most public lesbian of all time [talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres], but Portia DeGeneres [formerly known as Portia de Rossi] is still a mystery. She doesn't give many interviews, and although you can see from paparazzi and red carpet photos just how happy she is with her wife, it's hard to get a sense of who she is. In her memoir Unbearable Lightness, readers are able to delve into how Amanda Lee Rogers came to be Portia Degeneres. Unbearable Lightness focuses on Portia's early career, when she joined the cast of Ally McBeal in 1998, but with a lot of background information provided on her childhood in Australia, where she began modeling at age 12," writes Trish Bendix. "Portia came out to her mother early on, but was asked to keep it from her grandmother, and everyone else. ("It's nobody's business," is what her mom would tell her.) Though Portia was married to male actor Mel Metcalfe, she writes that she would frequently make out with her girl friends on the dance floors of clubs, and that her husband didn't approve. He eventually left her for her brother's wife, which Portia didn't seem to find very distressing. Portia makes no mention of marrying him to obtain American citizenship, but the rumor has followed her throughout her career, especially since she came out as a lesbian." READ MORE