Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AIDS a Form of "Justice" for Homosexuals Says Belgian Archbishop

He calls AIDS a form of "justice" for homosexuals and wants retired pedophile priests to go unpunished. He says women who have an abortion will be greeted in the afterlife by their unborn child crying "Momma!"

Belgian archbishop sparks furor with views on abortion, gays and pedophilia:
Archbishop Andre Leonard, 70, was plucked from a sleepy Belgian citadel-town by Pope Benedict XVI in January to energize the country's Roman Catholic faithful and reverse 30 years of liberalism. The appointment was in line with Benedict's policy of putting tradition-minded and conservative bishops in important dioceses.

But since taking office, Leonard's hardline views have added turmoil to a church already mired in an abuse scandal. And, privately, some Vatican officials are expressing concern about an ever-worsening public relations disaster. READ MORE
The controversy turned into a very public revolt last week when his spokesman resigned, saying he could no longer morally defend Leonard.