Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brandon Hay's Black Daddies Club

Daily Xtra reports:
[Toronto, Ontario] It’s a tough conversation to have. For everybody. For black folks in the GTA and elsewhere, it is a matter of openly recognizing two interlocking realities that are increasingly visible inside and outside the community: homosexuality and, conversely, homophobia. For everyone else, it is a matter of learning how to approach the question of homosexuality in communities of colour without falling into the trap of labelling those communities as inherently backward, homophobic or violent.  
For Brandon Hay, talking about these tough issues cannot wait any longer. Hay founded a group called the Black Daddies Club in 2007 to connect black fathers in the GTA to resources and each other. With their Taboo Discussion series, the floor is open to everybody to approach topics that affect the black community directly but that too often go without comment. Read More