Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gay Super Heroes

While growing up, super heroes with their secret identities often resonate with gay teens. As young gay men we scan the cultural landscape looking for the outsider or misfit - people like us. Canadian blogger Colin James Morrison hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia and in the excerpt below shares his story of being a gay teen and long-time super hero fan.

Colin James Morrison writes:
I’ve been a comic book fan, or more precisely, a super hero fan, most of my life. As part of my pop culture oeuvre, I am a reigning expert in most things spandex-y and superheroic, and my vast knowledge of these amazing creatures in capes and tights... 
* * * 
And, when I saw that first promo image of a younger and more studly Superman, I couldn’t help but notice the subtle arch of his back, the rolled up jeans with the strategically placed patches, the too tight t-shirt rippling over the well defined six packs abs. Wait, could it be, were they really….? And no, I wasn’t dense enough to think that DC was bringing Supes back as some bi curious late teenager, and yet something about that image struck me…that clearly THIS was not your daddy’s Superman. So, were DC finally about to do the unthinkable in all it’s new found diversity and inclusion….were they about to give me a big flamin’ ‘mo of a superhero? 
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