Thursday, February 13, 2014

Raising Of Rainbow Flag At Iqaluit City Hall Causes Controversy

Nunatsiaq News reports:
[Nunavut, Canada] The raising of a rainbow flag alongside the Canadian, City of Iqaluit and Nunavut flags outside Iqaluit city hall on Feb. 10 does not have the approval of all Iqaluit residents, according to city councillor Simon Nattaq. “This is very important. It will impact everybody when we are elected, and people of Iqaluit come to us with their concerns,” Nattaq told city council at a regular meeting, Feb. 11. The city raised the multicoloured flag, which represents gay pride, equality and inclusiveness, at the request of Coun. Kenny Bell. Major cities throughout Canada, including northern Canada’s two other territorial capitals, Yellowknife and Whitehorse, have raised it to protest anti-gay laws in Russia, where the winter Olympic Games are now underway.  “It is greatly appreciated,” Bell said. “The community really likes it. “On that note, I would like to inform the few people that are talking to Coun. Nattaq that there are gay and lesbian people in every race. Not only Inuit, but white people, black people. It’s worldwide and there’s nothing wrong with it,” READ MORE