Thursday, July 17, 2014

New B.C. Health Report Recommends Inclusive, Holistic HIV Prevention Measures for Gay and Bisexual men

YouthCO executive director Jesse Brown
"As British Columbian gay and bisexual men continue to be overrepresented in the HIV epidemic, a new report from provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall recommends a number of strategies that need to be taken, including addressing the underlying factors influencing HIV infection, such as mental health and social context; developing inclusive sex education strategies; and more," reports Craig Takeuchi. He added, "Among the report's recommendations are to ensure that prosecutorial guidelines are based on the best evidence on HIV transmission risk and that any criminal charges for possible HIV transmission are based on whether HIV prevention could be achieved in the absence of prosecution. This point was one of several recommendation that Jesse Brown, executive director for YouthCo, approved of."
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Here are a couple of HIV facts stated by Dr Kendall:
  • "Gay and bisexual men continue to bear a disproportionate burden of HIV onus" 
  • " They make up 54 percent of the incident cases…and about 45 percent of all the cases of people living with HIV in British Columbia."