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Friday, May 20, 2016

Trevor LaPaglia's "Hookers"

"Hookers" is a comedy written and starring Robert Alex (Robert Alesandro). The basic premise of the story is about a man who discovers his sister is a hooker and decides to give it a try himself. However, the story is much more than that, it's a sweet brother-sister relationship tale. This short film is directed by actor Trevor LaPaglia, who does a great job of capturing just the right emotional beats between comedy and drama. The fine cast also includes: Kylie Lewallen and Vanessa C. Morgan with cameos from Jacob Lapp, Mark Grabianowski and Trevor LaPaglia.

UPDATE (May 31, 2016) 
Unfortunately, the YouTube channel which featured this wonderful short film has been made private. I have posted the trailer instead.

You can follow Trevor LaPaglia on Twitter
You can follow Robert Alex (Robert Alesandro) on Twitter

Watch: Trevor LaPaglia's "Hookers"

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