Thursday, June 02, 2016

Father Forgive Me for I Have Sinned

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This short clip is a heart wrenching scene from the one-man play, "Father Forgive Me for I Have Sinned" written by José Roldan Jr. The young playwright received the HOLA award for Outstanding Solo Performance. It's never easy for gay men to come out of the closet... we all travel on our own journey.

José Roldan Jr
Eileen Rivera at Mariposa Social, writes in her review of the play, "The show is humorous, nostalgic, emotional, and a true storytelling delight." She also shares, "We have the opportunity to meet Jose’s family. Titi Bruja, with her unique marinade method. His jealous older sister, who stalks her husband at parties to keep the other women away; and his younger sister, the perceived favorite child. We meet his disappointed father who complains that Jose doesn’t play enough sports. And we are in the room when Jose sits down to tell his mother that he is gay, a scene that brought tears to many audience members."

Recently, Orie Givens IV and Justin Blakey at Queer Minded Radio interviewed Roldan Jr, where he talked about his play. Take a listen.

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