Monday, July 25, 2016

Life as a Sexpert on Grindr

The Sexpert is not a super cheesy profile name, but an actual trained sexual health expert [in Australia], who is online to answer any questions Grindr users may have about sex. The initiative is spearheaded by New South Wale’s sexual health organisation ACON who for many years have run peer based programs where trained volunteers head out to bars, events and sex on premises venues to answer sexual health questions. “ACON has a pre existing program called Sexperts, where we go out to sex on premises venues and talk to guys about sexual health,” said Thomas Munro, ACON coordinator peer programs and campaigns. “They wear a t-shirt called ‘ask me anything thing’ and answer any questions. “The Grindr outreach is an extension of that, it’s the same volunteers just in the digital space.”