Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump's Platform Was Fueled by Bigotry Giving Republicans Ultimate Control - The Future of LGBT Rights Hang in the Balance!

Illustration by Scott G. Brooks
With confirmation that Trump would become our 45th president, Cathy Renna, a well-known activist and P.R. specialist, was blunt in her assessment of the future. “The LGBT community — in all its diversity — has a lot to be worried about. Our new President is a nightmare, but the Vice President is a horror story,” she said in an email. “Forget the advances we anticipated, like employment nondiscrimination. We could see rollback in hard fought LGBT gains like marriage equality. But it is much more basic than that with Pence, a person who believes in conversion therapy. The threats to our basic fundamental rights are clear — from ‘religious freedom’ laws to reproductive rights to racial profiling. Our most vulnerable LGBT populations — LGBT homeless youth, seniors, trans and genderqueer people, working class LGBT families, people of color and people with HIV — will suffer the most.”