Monday, December 26, 2016

Xmas Greetings from: DJ Drew, Jake Shears, Ari Gold, Darren Hayes & Steve Grand

Posted by Shane Smith, Editor, Stonewall Gazette

I hope you enjoy Xmas Greetings from these openly Gay musicians: DJ Drew, Jake Shears, Ari Gold, Darren Hayes and Steve Grand!

DJ Drew and husband Eric are having a bear-tastic Xmas full of surprises judging by the look on Eric's face!

Savage Garden's former frontman, Darren Hayes and his Merry Christmas Wally.
A video posted by Darren Hayes (@darrenhayes) on

Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears shares this cute throwback pic of his dog Toby's first Christmas in New York City.

Singer Ari Gold's holiday message is creative and strangely hypnotic!
A video posted by Ari Gold (@sirarigold) on

Steve Grand is looking mighty snug and cozy in his red longjohns!
A photo posted by Steve Grand (@stevegrandmusic) on

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