Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gay Dads: Justin & Brett on Life with Kids

Written by OutVisions

Starting at an early age, both Justin Mallard and Brett Rancourt knew they wanted to have kids. As they came to terms with their sexualities, accepting the fact they were gay, one of the biggest struggles they faced was the idea that being gay and having a family did not seem like a realistic reality.

Fast forward to adulthood and the two meet through an online dating site. “It was so refreshing to hear the words ‘I would love kids one day’ come out of Brett’s mouth,” recalls Justin of their first date. “Here I have this handsome, funny and smart man who also has the same family goals as me. I felt like I struck gold and our lives together began to move forward.” The couple, who live in Chilliwack, B.C., have twins, born through gestational surrogacy. Jordyn and Sawyer are now both a year old. 

How have yours and Brett’s lives changed since becoming parents?

Justin Mallard: I would not say they have changed drastically. As a parent you have to make some sacrifices, but with those sacrifices come great rewards. I find that mine and Brett’s time together has become even more exciting as we are now creating new moments, traditions and memories with our children.  As a couple Brett and I have an incredibly strong bond, commitment and love for each other. When we became parents this intensified even more and it’s been really amazing to see our relationship as a couple and as parents evolve to what it is today.

What’s surprised you most about parenthood?

Justin Mallard: The biggest surprise in parenthood for us is how much more love we have found within ourselves. The feeling I get inside when I think of our children is like nothing I have ever felt before. It’s an entire different kind of love that I didn’t know existed. When Brett and I met, it was true love between two people. Now with our children part of our lives that love has grown and expanded more than I ever knew possible.

What advice do you have for any potential dads out there thinking about taking the next step?

Justin Mallard: The biggest advice I could share is never give up on your dreams of parenthood.. There will be times were the idea of being a Dad feels out of reach, but with the right determination and dedication anything is possible.


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