Friday, December 01, 2017

#Blog2BlogLuv (World AIDS Day Edition)

As part of our mission on Stonewall Gazette to highlight independent blogs that may be of interest to the gay community, I've created the #Blog2BlogLuv column. Today's post features gay writers. If you have a blog suggestion please contact me here. Happy reading!

Shane Smith, Editor, Stonewall Gazette

Visualizing The AIDS Epidemic - A Stunning Collection Of Over 8,000 AIDS Education Posters: Huffington Post

World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter.
Read the fascinating history at Back2Stonewall

Today Is World AIDS Day, Trump Proclamation Omits LGBT Mention: The Gay Almanac

HIV Is Still Here – And It’s On The Move: Living Gay Brisbane

Just Another Death Sentence: Nonfiction by Hank Trout: A & U Magazine

White House Office Of National AIDS Policy Web Page Blank On #WorldAIDSDay: The Randy Report

World AIDS Day and My Amazing Husband: I Should Be Laughing

Once, When We Were Heroes: Mark S King

UNAIDS Warns That Men Are Less Likely Than Women to Access HIV Treatment and More Likely to Die of AIDS-related Illnesses: The Rustin Times

The World AIDS Day Anthem We Really Need Has Just Arrived: My Fabulous Disease

Horror, Heroes, and Hope - World AIDS Day 2017, the 30th Anniversary: The Out Front

The Personal Is Political, Unlike Coq Au Vin: Mental Musings and Meltdowns

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