Saturday, February 20, 2021

Vampires, Gay Bridgerton, Patricia Highsmith, Love Victor & MORE!

LGBTQ Themes in Vampire Media

Happy Saturday, Guys!

Like much of North America, where I live has been cold and snowy. Winter bites, just like a vampire. I can't wait to put on a t-shirt and shorts again! There's good news though. Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 14. Yay! February is almost over, March will be a blur, and presto, we'll be in April 😉.  Enjoy your weekend!

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Quip Of The Day 🤣
To win back my youth... there's nothing I wouldn't do. Except take exercise, get up early, or be a useful member of the community. - Oscar Wilde

A Brief History of LGBTQ Themes in Vampire Media
Get ready for a sucking good time. More.

A Supercut of Every LGBTQ Reference on "The Simpsons"
Imagine scanning all 31 seasons of The Simpsons to make a supercut of all its LGBTQ+ references. That's exactly what journalist Drew Mackie nd screenwriter Glen Lakin did. More.

British Drama Relives Horrors of the AIDS Crisis in the 1980s.
"It’s a Sin’ that gay shame is still here in Utah in 2021 More.

Has Jason Biggs Cleaned Up His Twitter Act?
The 'Cherries Wild' host has made some questionable tweets before More.

Six Capitol Police Officers Have Been Suspended With Pay and 29 others are under investigation for their alleged roles in the riot last month. 

The Queerties 2021 Awards To Air Live On Revry

Hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Miss Congeniality Heidi N. Closet and Queerty Editor-in-Chief Dan Tracer, the show will include an exciting musical performance by Bright Light Bright Light. This year, Q.Digital and Lexus will present Angelica Ross with the Groundbreaker Award, and Billy Eichner will receive the MVP Award. “I’ve been voting for the Queerties as a fan for years, so it’s very exciting to not only be a nominee this year but the host of the show!” said Drag Race star Heidi N. Closet. “I’m honored to help celebrate so many amazing and diverse members of our community, and the incredible work they put out during such a challenging year.” The awards ceremony will stream live at 6pm PST / 9pm EST on February 24 on Revry. More.

Welcome To The World Of Patricia Highsmith!
Perhaps Highsmith’s most important contribution to LGBTQ history was her groundbreaking 1952 novel “The Price of Salt” (later re-titled “Carol”). As I’ve written before in the Blade, Highsmith originally wrote the novel under the pseudonym Clare Morgan out of fear that using her real name would have derailed her career. “The Price of Salt” was a rare novel for that time: It featured a lesbian couple who didn’t die or go to jail. It gave hope to generations of queers. Unfortunately her literary legacy is marred by racism. More.

Where Were The Queer Relationships In The Hit TV Series Bridgerton?
With a lack of LGBTQ characters is 'Bridgerton' really as progressive as it makes itself out to be? More.

Children Of Same-Sex Couples Perform Better In School
A recent study has found that children who come from a home with same-sex parents are doing better in school. More.

How Mass Effect's Samantha Traynor Romance Influenced LGBT Representation
Mass Effect has featured (sort of) same sex romances from the start with Liara and female Shepard, though that's technically different because asari are monogender. It’s not until Mass Effect 3 that players actually have exclusive same-sex romance options for male and female Commander Shepard. Female Shepard cannot romance Steve Cortez, and male Shepard cannot romance Samantha Traynor. More.

How I Created My Own Path As A Black Queer Journalist
As a Black queer journalist, I've dealt with racism and queerphobia throughout my education. Here's why I decided to stop whitewashing my résumé. More.

Apurva Asrani, film editor and screenwriter, shared an adorable photo with his partner Siddhant and wished for a better future for all the LGBTQ+ couples in India. “For 13 years we pretended to be cousins so we could rent a home together. We were told ‘keep curtains drawn so neighbors don’t know ‘what’ you are’. We recently bought our own home. Now we voluntarily tell neighbors we are partners. It’s time LGBTQ families are normalized too.” 

Lesbian and Bisexual People Less Satisfied At Work Than Heterosexual Colleagues
Even for those who were open about their sexuality, there were issues. “While disclosing one’s LGB identity can be rewarding, eliminating the emotional burden and distress caused by concealment, it may still have a negative impact on one’s well-being and job satisfaction. LGB individuals may experience prejudice and overt discrimination, or face more subtle forms of discrimination.” More.

Michael Cimino and George Sear discuss the hit LGBTQ teen series, ''Love, Victor'. Michael reveals he received homophobia messages from people he knows after taking on the role of high school student Victor Salazar.

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