Saturday, February 13, 2021

‘Gender-Specific’ Cancers, Dating Apps, Ricky Martin, Cat Dad = Gay? & MORE!

Sexual Orientation May Influence Choice to Pursue Screening for ‘Gender-Specific’ Cancers
Sexual orientation might influence a person’s decision to pursue screening for gender-specific malignancies such as prostate, breast, and cervical cancer, according to the results of a cross-sectional United States study reported at the 2021 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium. Men who identified as homosexual or bisexual were found to undergo screening for prostate cancer less often than men who identified as heterosexual (34.7% vs 41.3%). Similarly, homosexual or bisexual women sought screening for breast cancer (54.5% vs 80.7%) or cervical cancer (88.3% vs 95.4%) less often than heterosexual women. More.

Lesbian Couple In India Held Captive By Family
The families of the two women were against their relationship. They were both held captive at the residence of one of the women. In order to deal with the matter, the police decided to call their families to the police station for counselling. Many same-sex couples have to go through some very traumatic events because of their sexuality even after having been decriminalized by the Supreme Court. The families were informed that same-sex couples are now given protection by law. More.

Cat Dads Beware: Study Shows Cats Deter Potential Dates From Swiping Right
If you are a heterosexual man, that very cat of yours... might be the reason you might be without a Valentine this Sunday. "Whether or not we think it's accurate, whether we think it's fair to judge a guy as neurotic, feminine, or a homosexual just because he has a cat-- clearly that's still persisting that people do." More.

Grammy-winner and Activist Ricky Martin Joins Foundation Honoring Pulse Nightclub Victims

Out gay Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Ricky Martin has been appointed as the national spokesperson for the onePULSE Foundation, a non-profit building memorials to honor LGBTQ people killed during the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Starting on Valentine’s Day, Martin will be an advocate for the foundation’s OUTLOVE HATE campaign, a fundraising effort to honor the 49 people killed and dozens of others injured after a gunman opened fire in June 2016 at Pulse, a queer Latinx nightclub in Orlando, Florida. More.

The Financial Cost of Being LGBTQ in Canada
Canada enjoys a (mostly) deserved reputation as a progressive nation when it comes to LGBTQ rights and protections. That said, there remain challenges that carry financial repercussions in some aspects of everyday life unique to LGBTQ people. More.

Six LGBTQ Couples Share Their Love Stories

This year we celebrate Valentine’s Day a year into a global pandemic. While many of us have been physically closer with our partners than ever before, this doesn’t always mean emotional closeness, and the pandemic has been particularly trying on relationships. Feeling the endlessness of what has been a bleak and relentless year, Longtime LGBTQ couples to shine a light for us and give us guidance on what it means — and what it takes — to thrive together, even when external forces wreak havoc on our internal lives. More.

Top LGBTQ Dating Sites and Apps
You’re either inundated with cocks on Grindr, but not butch enough for Scruff, or forced to join one of the dreaded apps that all the straights use. I’m looking at you, Tinder. While some gay dating websites are very much about sex, sex, and nothing but the sex… there are some alternative options for gay men, women, and queer people looking for love. All is not lost! So here I present to you the 14 best gay dating sites for men, women, and non-binary folk. Hopefully, you’ll find the dates and/or hookups your queer little heart desires! More.

Unlearning My Family’s Wellness Values Taught Me How To Be Truly Resilient
Growing up, my household was not one that focused on wellness. I was not taught to prioritize my mental health over financial gain, or that how I felt inside was just as vital as how I appeared on the outside. I was not allowed to take time for myself, or to erect boundaries. It was ultimately in rejecting these lessons during my adulthood that I learned how to truly take care of myself—essential, given that I live my life at the intersections of several marginalized identities as a Black, queer woman. More.

20 People Share Their Vivid COVID-19 Dreams

Here’s a look at twenty people’s dreams in lockdown: “I feel like our dreams are really active because our lives are so still."

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