Monday, March 22, 2021

Hunting Homosexuals, Rafael Silva, Trump, Mr Kristofer, Pete Buttigieg, Batwoman, Gay Couple Attacked, Vaccine Hesitant, Pup Amp, Coretta Scott King & MORE!

Attack on Gay Couple in Rome Prompts Calls for Anti-Homophobia Law. Politicians and activists demand end to delays to bill protecting LGBT people after Metro station assault. Disturbing video.

Experimental Metal Band SEED is Creating Space For Trans And Queer People

This Week in LGBTQ History
March 1950: The Lavender Scare. Senator Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn are on the Hunt for Homosexuals in the Federal Government

Why Are So Many People in the LGBTQ Community Vaccine Hesitant? "They may have already been rejected by their families, friends, co-workers — so it can cause a deep depression and lack of trust in anyone, including health care workers.”

AstraZeneca Vaccine Found To Be 79% Effective Against COVID

Teaching LGBTQ History
As 'Systemic Silence' Lifts, There Are New Challenges for Educators, Students. "Queer people are ever-present throughout time and place yet their history is undertaught."

Pup Amp and Mr Kristofer

Pup Amp and Mr Kristofer Chat About Being in a Queer Kink Relationship

Do Queer Books Still Need Happy Endings? 
For hundreds of years, if you found anything with queer representation, it was going to punish the queer character in the end, if they weren’t already the villain.

The Pandemic Offered a Unique Chance for Many People to Come Out as Queer. Solitude gives room for self-reflection that some may hitherto never had. Our days were suddenly quiet, our routines slowed to a crawl. In silence "people discover things about themselves that they may have known all along, or were afraid to admit," said Silvia M. Dutchevici, psychotherapist.

A Serial Killer Haunted San Francisco's Gay Bars in the 1970s — and New Podcast Seeks to Find Him. Police have offered a $100,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest.

Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint Felt He Needed to Stand Up for Transgender People, Following Controversial Comments from J.K. Rowling

TV Show Batwoman Has a New Kate Kane 
The CW's superhero drama has cast Wallis Day to take over the role that was established by Ruby Rose in season one. At the end of Sunday's episode, the queer character of Kate Kane was revealed to be alive yet unrecognizable due to injuries she sustained in a plane crash at the beginning of season two.

Mayor Jim Watson

Homophobic Hate Graffiti Written Outside Gay Mayor's Home 
Ottawa police are investigating homophobic graffiti on the road outside Mayor Jim Watson's home. In a Sunday afternoon statement, the mayor's press secretary confirmed three words were painted on the road and first noticed by a neighbor. "The mayor is disappointed that someone would spend any time and effort to attack someone's sexual orientation and deface public property," the statement read.

Why Hate Crimes Are So Hard To Prove 
What is a hate crime? The narrow legal definition makes it hard to charge and convict.

Pete Buttigieg is the 'Wrong' Type of Gay? 
They believe he is not a good representative for the LGBTQ community because he lives a “heteronormative” lifestyle. They are using the same labeling mechanism that we reject as discriminatory, hateful and divisive against our community, to reject Secretary Buttigieg and his successes. We need to live up to our inclusive standards and claims.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz

Voting Restrictions Have Become Republicans' 'Unifying Mission' 
Republicans are racing to impose voting restrictions as part of an existential crisis, which is both financial and electoral.

50 Best LGBTQ Movies to Watch in 2021 

Was This Principal FIRED for His Outspoken Advocacy for the LGBTQ Community? A number of students and parents have expressed their own beliefs for the dismissal though, including a prominent worry that the board punished principal Drew Williams for his outspoken advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community. Some also believe that the board is against the school being an LGBTQ+-friendly space, referring to LGBTQ+-affirming artwork that they say the board had removed.

Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King's Important Legacy 
The late activist and civil rights leader is worthy of being remembered as more than “a wife or the widow of Martin Luther King,” says her granddaughter, Yolanda King. “She did a lot... And what most people don't know, and they don't acknowledge it as much, is that she was a human rights activist, so that didn't mean just racial equality. She worked on rights for the LGBTQ community. She worked on women's rights."

Star Trek: Discovery Actors slated to appear at 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Nominations and info about the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards
Trump Targets Georgia Secretary of State by Backing Far Right-Wing Congressman in Election Bid to Oust Him

Get to Know the History Behind 21 LGBTQIA+ Pride Flags and What They Each Represent

"Tarlos" Queerbaiting Continues on TV Series 9-1-1: Lone Star Leaving the Fans Disappointed

Openly Gay Actor Rafael Silva Talks About His Role in 9-1-1: Lone Star
GLAAD's Anthony Ramos speaks with out actor Rafael Silva about the impact of playing the gay character Carlos Reyes on the FOX drama. 9-1-1: Lone Star has been nominated for Outstanding Drama Series at the upcoming 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards.
In the interview below, Silva speaks about his character's recent turning point when it comes to his relationship with his father. The Brazilian native also speaks about the amazing response people have had to the relationship between Carlos and TK on the series, or "Tarlos" as fans have coined them. "9-1-1: Lone Star" airs Mondays at 9 on FOX.
"9-1-1: Lone Star" Actor Ronen Rubinstein Comes Out
Ones to Watch: Openly gay actor, Rafael Silva


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